Dual-Panel File Manager for macOS

(previously known as MacCommander)

All You Need to Manage Files

  • browsing

  • previewing with QuickLook

  • copying / moving / deleting / renaming

  • creating folders

  • creating links

  • packing / unpacking

  • searching

Handle Archives

Browse, create, modify and unpack archives of the following types:

  • zip, 7z, jar, tar, wim

  • tar.gz, tar.bz2, tar.Z, xar, iso (no updating)

  • gz, bz2, xz (no updating)

Browse and unpack archives:

  • rar, arj, lha, cpio, rpm, cab, udf

  • taz, tgz, tbz2, txz, z, lzma, adz

  • vdi, vmdk, vhd, msi, hfs, fat, sfs, wim, chm

Use encrypted archives:

  • zip, 7z (read and write)

  • rar (read only)

Connect to File Servers

Manage files on file servers just like for local drives. Supported server types are:


  • SFTP

  • SMB

  • AFP

  • WebDAV

Use Bonjour for discovering network services.


  • Search for local files using Spotligh or low level seraching mechanism (find / grep)

  • Search in content of local files (Spotlight only)

  • Search for files on FTP/SFTP servers

  • Search for files in archives


  • Compare folders

  • Compare files (using md5 checksums)

  • Compare by content with one of supported external diff tools: KDiff3 or DiffMerge

Well Integrated with OS

Quick Look

Drag & Drop

Full Screen Mode

Touch Bar Support

Dark and Light Modes


User Notifications


Dark and Light Modes