SFTP Commander

Fast and secure SFTP, FTP FTPS and FTPES client

SFTP Commander is a file transfer application that allows you to:

  • connect to a server

  • browse directories and files on a server

  • upload and download files and directories (with content)

  • use drag & drop for uploading and downloading

  • resume interrupted files downloads and uploads

  • compute the size of remote directories

  • create directories on a server

  • remove files and directories from a server

  • rename files and directories on a server

  • preview remote files

  • open a remote file, modify it locally and upload back to a server

  • manage a list of connections (bookmarks, history)

The following servers are supports:

  • SFTP

  • plain FTP

  • FTPS - FTP over SSL/TSL

  • FTPES - explicit FTP over SSL/TLS

SFTP Commander has a lightweight but very functional user interface and integrates well with the operating system. It supports:

  • Drag & Drop

  • QuickLook

  • Full Screen Mode

  • Touch Bar

  • Dark and Light Mode